Race update

I’ve been looking forward to this race season all winter. In June, I started out with two back to back races. The first race was the Park City Triathlon. Overall it was a pretty solid race for me.  I wasn’t able to train the run like I would have liked due to some injuries.  However, I was happy with my result based on the amount of running I was able to do prior to this race. I started off the swim going 200 meters off course. I ended up catching the lead swimmer and coming out of the water first with a time of 20 minutes. The bike was a very hilly course and I loved it! I was still in the lead going into the run and I held it half way through the run. Three fast guys passed me about half way through which put me in 4th place for that race.

The following weekend I raced at the Rock Cliff Triathlon. My results were pretty similar to the previous week. The swim was an adventure of it’s own. When we arrived at the race there was floating debris out in the water. So they ended up moving the swim down the lake to avoid the debris. This swim was a two loop swim. I came through the first loop about three minutes ahead of the next person. During the second loop all the debris from before had moved into our swim course and I was having to swim over and under very large logs and a lot of other debris. While I was stuck out in the debris, they changed the course for the remaining athletes swimming behind me. I was able to once again catch the lead swimmer and barely coming out first in the swim. I kept my lead on the bike with a 1:00 bike split. During the run the top three runners passed me and I once again ended up in fourth place.

I learned a few things from these races. I learned that with my shin problems, I can’t handle racing two weeks in a row. Another is that anything is possible in an open water swim! After swimming over and under logs, which seemed like full grown trees, I am ready for anything!

During the month of July I was unable to run more than once or twice a week due to my shin problems. I am now two weeks away from Lake Stevens 70.3. I am planning to approach this race a little more aggressively in the swim and bike as I will most likely have to do a walk/run due to the shins.

This month is a big month for me with the 70.3 but what I am most excited for is my wedding. I will be marrying the girl of my dreams on August 18th. We will then be off to mexico for our honeymoon. For that reason, I will most likely not be racing at the 70.3 World Championships in September. However, I do plan on racing a few more olympic tri’s and my A race this year will be IRONMAN Arizona in November.

For 2012, me and my future wife are planning on racing IRONMAN Coeur d’Alene and I will be racing the full leadman tri in May of 2011.

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2011 Racing

I have been told for over a year now that I need a blog and, in answer to those requests, I finally have one!

About a year ago I registered for Ironman Brazil  on May 29th. Since then, I’ve been through a long series of unexpected events and injuries. I went through the whole summer training and racing through a couple of stress fractures in my shins. I was registered for several races during the season. I was only able to race in the swim and bike for the entire season, including the end of the season at Lake Powell. As frustrating as that was, I was able to use the time to strengthen my cycling leg of the triathlon. I trained all summer and fall with a cycling “speed” focus, which helped me see some major improvements in my cycling. I maintained my swimming training during that time as well.

At the end of my 2010 season I was able to have my strongest swim and bike leg I have ever raced at Lake Powell with a 17 minute swim (1500) and a sub hour bike (40k).

During the off-season I let my shins fully recover, so I could prepare for Ironman Brazil. As planned, I increased my running in very small increments to stay injury free. My training was going very well.

In January I was able to train in Tuscon for a couple of weeks and get used to my new bike, a Kestrel 4000! After Tucson, I came back and felt extremely strong on the bike.

Towards the middle of February I started to feel some IT band pain in my left knee. I took a couple of weeks off the bike and run and it was not getting any better. After coaching a training camp in St. George and still not being able to bike and run, I really started to worry. The IT pain has continued until now. Last week I had to make a decision to keep hoping I could feel better for Brazil, or re-organize my season.

This week I decided to cancel Brazil and sign up for Ironman Arizona (November 2011) and finish my season in November. This will give me a chance to start my season with some olympic and half Iron events. I am now planning on racing some olympic distances in May, a half Ironman in either Calgary or Lake Stevens in August, and the 70.3 World Championships in September — all before Ironman Arizona in November.

At first it was really hard for me to cancel all my plans for Ironman Brazil. After a couple of days I started to feel relieved that I could begin my season with a fresh start. I felt good about being injury free rather than being stressed out about my leg healing soon. I am excited for 2011 and the opportunities I now have to show my potential in triathlon.

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